WOW Pack

WOW Pack
Item# WM235

WOW Pack contains: 2 boxes of WOW Smoothie, 1 box of Symply Magic, 1 bottle of Genesis, 1 box of Ultra Vitality and 1 Shapely U Magazine. Weight Loss and Optimal Wellness (WOW): Meal replacement packed with vital nutrients that is guaranteed to help you lose seven pounds in seven days. Most effective when you take twice a day and replace two meals.

Symply Magic: A synergistic blend of ingredients specially formulated to help you lose weight. Adults, orally take 1 capsule midmorning and/or mid-afternoon, 2 hours after a meal or on an empty stomach.

Genesis: Resveratrol is known for its life extending capabilities but is also shown to help accelerate fat burning within cells for added benefits with weight loss plans. Drink 1 to 4 oz. a day (can mix with WOW).

Ultra Vitality: The most powerful nutritional supplement on the market; provides a daily dose of vitamins, minerals, thousands of other active nutrients and phytochemicals your body requires for good health and well being during your diet regimen. Take every day (can mix with WOW).

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